Saturday, July 7, 2018

Walked 0.5 miles

I haven't been walking or jogging for several months. I've had significant pain in my left foot, and it has taken this long to find out the cause and to reduce the pain. I went to the emergency room of the IHC hospital in Murray and found out that the blood circulation in my feet was OK. I then went to a podiatrist who wrapped my foot and leg with foam and an elastic tape. This wrapping was left on for a week and reduced the swelling in my foot and leg. The pain subsided and now I'm basically pain-free in my left foot. Apparently the pain was created by swelling in my foot and leg. Swelling is one of the side effects for the treatment for Prostate and bone cancer that I have. The pain in my left foot began at about the same time I was treated for cancer.

Tonight, I went a relatively short distance, but the distance was enough for my current condition. I will do this distance two more times, and then I will increase the distance by about 10%. Even though I've been running for over 40 years and have completed four marathons, I've been away from exercise for such a long time that I'm basically starting over and will follow the Beginning Plan as outlined in my training blog at Thus, my first goal is to walk for 30 minutes and then to do a bit of jogging in the middle of my walk. I will increase this jogging, while alternating jogging and walking until I'm doing 3 miles for my long run, 2 miles for my medium run, and 1 mile for my rest run. Rather than continuously running, I will alternate running (jogging) and walking with 50 seconds of running and 50 seconds of walking (a ratio of 50-seconds:50-seconds. Because of my age, I will probably cap my long run at 3 miles.

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  1. Allen, I'm glad you are back posting again and I wish you the best. I was concerned when I hadn't seen any posts for several months and expecting the worst I was reluctant to post. With your positive attitude I'm sure you will keep improving. I look forward to your posts.
    Get well, Keep well