Thursday, October 25, 2018

Another 0.72 miles

I walked another 0.72 miles, and I didn't stop for rest breaks, indicating my legs are stronger.

I was surprised that I didn't have to stop since I had spent much of the day with my lawn mower sucking up leaves and mowing the north and back lawns. Whenever I felt tired while using the lawn mower, I would stop and rest for a few minutes. When I left to go walking, I didn't feel particularly tired. I had rested for an hour since I used the mower, and my walking showed I was rested.

My neighbor has a large walnut tree, and we've heard that walnut leaves contain a chemical which isn't good for gardens. As a result, I'm sucking up leaves with our lawn mower and putting the leaves in my trash bin. Normally, I would put the leaves in our compost bins that Judy made out of bricks. My trash bin was completely full of leaves when I finished. The wind was blowing during the day, causing a lot of leaves to be deposited on my lawns. However, the wind finally stopped, and I'm hoping my lawns are free of leaves for a day or two.

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