Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Did 0.6 miles

Instead of doing a loop, we did an out-back for 0.6 miles. We had a light sprinkle earlier in the morning, but the rain was gone by the time we went out walking. My right ankle felt weak -- no pain just weakness.

This weakness is similar to that felt when I first started running 42 years ago and was the reason I started running.  The weakness I felt then and now indicates weak muscles in my feet. The weakness is felt when I first start walking and goes away as I continue walking. This is known as the "rusty gate" syndrome. The gate is hard to push to start the opening, but after the gate starts moving, it moves more freely. In other words, the symptom of this weakness is that movement improves things. I am thus taking Rhus Tox to strengthen my muscles. This remedy was very helpful 42 years ago.

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