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Go to this link for an interview about my running.Here is another interview. And a third interview. I'm mentioned briefly in this Runner's World article.

Contact me via the following:
Email: oldmanrunning [at] bergstedt -dot- org
Twitter: twitter (dot) com *slash* noinjuries
Facebook: facebook {dot} com (slash) allenleigh007


If you're interested in basic Mormon beliefs, my Mormon sites are http://mormonsite.wordpress.com and http://ldsgateway.wordpress.com My Mormon tweets are at http://twitter.com/AllenLDS

If you're interested in science and the Mormon religion, my site for that is http://sciencemormonism.blogspot.com/ My science tweets are at http://www.twitter.com/ScienceMormon

If you're interested in climate change, my site for that is http://doesclimatechange.blogspot.com/