My Goals and Personal Bests

Longterm Goals
To run for enjoyment and let speed come automatically as my body gets stronger.

Shortterm Goals
Three runs per week, as follows:

Short run: 45 minutes
Medium run: 60 minutes
Long run: 80 minutes

Personal Bests & Age Grading
Age grading gives times with age and gender removed. The Age Grade value is the time a 25-year old would have run the distance if he were at the same level of training and health relative to his age that I was relative to my age. The percentage (%) shows how close I am to the world record for my age group

My Personal BestsAge Grade
5K: 19:48
Age: 46
17:44 (72.73%)
5K: 30:43
Age: 71
22.12 (58.09%)
5K: 47:28
Age: 75 (after blood clots)
32:19 (39.92%)
Half-marathon: 2:20:21
Age: 71
1:41:48 (58.17%)
Marathon: 3:59:22
Age: 47
3:40:10 (56.74%)