My Philosophy of Running

People run for various reasons. Some run to lose weight. Others run to reduce stress. A few of us run because we love running. Here is my philosophy of running.
  1. I run because I want to run. Health benefits and weight-loss benefits are important, but they are secondary to my enjoyment of running.
  2. I want to be free of injuries while I run. I do enjoy running fast and competing in races, but those activities are secondary to my enjoyment of running.
  3. I listen to my body before, during, and after runs. My body speaks to me using its language of tiredness, soreness, heavy breathing, pain, and similar symptoms. If I ignore those symptoms, my body shouts at me using injury to get my attention.
  4. I don't use technological aids, such as heart rate monitors, to govern my running. I grew up in running before those aids came into common use by runners, and I've learned to let my body tell me when to push, when to fall back, and when to rest. I recognize that other runners do use those aids, and that is fine. We each find out what works for us.
  5. I don't listen to music while I run. Instead, I listen to my body and to the sounds of nature. I think while I run. I think about myself, my life, my problems, and my relationships with others. Other runners do listen to music or podcasts while they run, and that is fine.