Why I started to Run

I started running in the early 1970s because I was having pain in my feet, and a specialist said my muscles were weak and I should do what ever I wanted to strengthen them. I thought of running because I had always done a lot of walking and had done a bit of running but hadn't stuck with it. I decided running would probably strengthen my feet, and I started taking running seriously. I began by jogging in place in my house, but after I worked up to half an hour of jogging, I became bored with that and decided it was time to go outside.

During the next year or so, I worked up to about 3 miles. I had no guidance from other runners, and I just used common sense about how often and how long to run. I didn't know that running shoes existed, and I ran in my Army boots. I really liked those boots. They fit just right and were comfortable. While in Basic Training at Ft. Ord, California I had marched double-time in them, and jogging in them seemed natural to me.

In 1976, I moved from Phoenix to Massachusetts to take a new job at Digital Equipment Corporation. By coincidence a running club was being organized at work. I attended the first meeting of the club and was given a copy of an article by Dr. George (Doc) Sheehan. In that article, Doc Sheehan taught the basics of running. I fell in love with that article, and it has been my guide through all my years of running. The article is online in my training site. From that article and subsequent meetings of the running club and conversations with other runners, I learned about running.

My running eliminated the pain in my feet. More importantly, I realized that running was "my thing", and I've always run because I enjoy it. I run because I'm a runner. Running has become part of me.