August 25, 2016

Walked about 0.2 miles around neighborhood

I started to walk 0.62 miles around the neighborhood, but we stopped to talk with a neighbor. During our talk, I felt dizzy and had to hold my wife's hand to keep my balance. The dizziness wasn't the dizziness I felt when my heart stopped beating; it was the dizziness I've felt for a couple of years when I'm in the dark or my eyes are shut. After we finished talking, we continued our walk. I felt off-balance and turned around and went home. We were out in the evening after dark, and I lose my balance when it is dark or when I close my eyes during the day. I think I'll use my cane when we go out in the evening after the sun is down.

August 23, 2016

Walked another 0.62 miles again

My wife and I walked around our neighborhood again, going out in the late evening as the sun was going down. I had an appointment yesterday with a nurse, and she said to walk but not run until my body has healed from the minor surgery to put a pacemaker in my body. She said they are concerned that if I run I might trip and fall, causing my left arm to take the force of the fall and possibly cause the pacemaker wires to pull out from my heart. She said I could walk as much as I wanted, because the risk of a fall is lower than if I run.

August 21, 2016

Walked another 0.62 miles

My wife and I walked around our neighborhood again. The sun was down, but it was still light. I was tired when I finished the walk, although I'm feeling stronger from the minor surgery.

August 18, 2016

Walked 0.62 miles

I walked around my neighborhood for 0.62 miles. I felt stronger than I did in my last walk, but I'm still weak from the surgery of having a pacemaker put into my body. As in my last run, I waited until the sun was down to avoid the high heat of the daytime. I'm only getting about 3 hours of sleep each night and rely on afternoon naps to keep me going.

August 16, 2016

Walked about 0.4 miles

I've been resting since my surgery to have a pacemaker put into my body. I felt pretty good this evening, so I walked about 0.4 miles around my neighborhood. I was tired when I finished, though. I went in the evening after the sun was down.

August 4, 2016

Did about 3.2 miles today

I ran/walked 2.4 miles at the South Jordan community rec center while my six grand kids were swimming with my wife. I didn't have my timer with me, but I ran for 1 lap of the indoor track (0.1 mile) and then walked for 1/2 lap. Later, I walked about 0.8 miles with the grand kids who went to a nearby canal to look for ducks. The temperature was cooler today, and the relief from the high heat was nice.

July 30, 2016

Ran 2.6 miles again in hot temperatures

I ran 2.6 miles again, going south from 100th South. I had reasonable shade going out and felt pretty good, but coming back there was less shade and I was tired. I carried 3 bottles of water and ran out of water when I had just 1/4 mile left. I was glad to finish my run and get a good drink from the fountain at 100th South. The temperature when I finished was in the low 90s (F).

July 25, 2016

I only went 1.5 miles today

My wife and I have three grandchildren staying with us for a couple of days, and we're planning on taking them to the South Jordan rec center for swimming. A cool swim is nice on hot days! While the kids are swimming, I will jog and walk around the indoor track at the rec center, and I will do 1.1 miles, giving me 2.6 miles for the two days. This is the reason I went a shorter distance today. Also, if I don't work out at the rec center, I can use a rest-week. I haven't had a rest-week in quite a while. For younger runners, rest-weeks are usually about half of a normal week. For us older runners, rest-weeks are what ever is needed to recharge ones body.

While I was resting on a bench on the way back, a walker in her mid 60s stopped and talked with me. She has seen me several times on the Parkway path, and she wondered how old I am. She was amazed that I'm still running. Her mother, who is about my age, walks the path, but she uses a walker. I told her I don't go as fast or as far as I used to go, but that I'm still running because I enjoy it.

July 23, 2016

Another 2.6 miles but a different route

I went north from 100th South, and I used my GPS tell me how far I've gone. I went 1.8 miles and then turned around and returned to my car. There is a bench at the 1 mile marker, and I took a short break at that bench. I carried two bottles of water and used the water on the way back. I had nice shade going out but not much shade on the way back due to the mid-morning sun. I made another rest stop at the bench I spoke of, and another rest stop at the table that is under a roof at about 0.4 miles from my car. I also made a brief stop at a bench that is close to my car, and then I jogged the rest of the way back to my starting point.