September 14, 2016

0.62 miles

Today was a busy day, but I managed to get my walk in for 0.62 miles. My wife and I went out in the dusk of early evening. We saw some neighborhood kids jumping on their trampoline, but we didn't stop and talk with them.

September 12, 2016

And still another 0.62 miles

Yesterday (Sunday) was my 5-week anniversary of my pace maker. After 6 weeks, I'm supposed to be completely healed from having the pacemaker put into my body, and I'm getting tired of going around the block for my 0.62 miles. I still feel tired after finishing the 0.62 miles, but running first thing in the morning instead of last thing in the evening may help me to feel better. As I recover from the minor surgery involved with the pacemaker, I'm feeling stronger and am about ready to return to the Jordan River Parkway and begin to increase my distance. I make relatively small increases in distance, and it will take a while to return to 2+ miles.

September 9, 2016

Another 0.62 miles

I didn't go out last night, so I went this morning. Also, the temperature is going up and will be up to 90 (F) by Sunday, so I went this morning to avoid the heat. My wife and I completed our walk without stopping to talk with neighbors.

September 6, 2016

Walked 0.62 miles again

My wife and I walked around our block for 0.62 miles again. We stopped to talk for 15 minutes with a neighbor. I carry my cane but use it only if we stop and talk to somebody. I'm feeling stronger as I walk.

September 3, 2016

Walked about 0.3 miles

This morning, my wife and I completed an assignment to help clean our church building. I pushed a big vacuum around the hallways. I didn't walk a big distance, but I was on my feet for 1 1/2 hours. During the evening, I walked about 0.3 miles in the neighborhood. I'm feeling more energetic as I recover from the minor surgery of having a pacemaker put into my body. I still, though, like a cane for stability when we stop and talk with neighbors while walking around our block. I don't use the cane while moving, but I carry it with me in case we stop and talk for a few minutes.

August 31, 2016

And, another 0.62 miles

My wife and I walked around our neighborhood again. We stopped to talk with three neighbors, but I had my cane with me, and I was able to keep my balance while we were stopped, thanks to the cane. I've done the 0.62 miles a number of times, and I'm ready to increase my distance a bit. It seems like all I do is increase my distance a bit. I get up to 2 miles or so, and then something happens to cause me to cut my distance to 1/2 mile or so. Oh well, I'm jogging and walking for enjoyment, and I do what I can in my old age.

August 28, 2016

Walked 0.62 miles again

My wife and I walked around our neighborhood again. We were out in the early evening while it was still light. 0.62 miles isn't very long, but it is a good distance to get my legs used to moving.

August 25, 2016

Walked about 0.2 miles around neighborhood

I started to walk 0.62 miles around the neighborhood, but we stopped to talk with a neighbor. During our talk, I felt dizzy and had to hold my wife's hand to keep my balance. The dizziness wasn't the dizziness I felt when my heart stopped beating; it was the dizziness I've felt for a couple of years when I'm in the dark or my eyes are shut. After we finished talking, we continued our walk. I felt off-balance and turned around and went home. We were out in the evening after dark, and I lose my balance when it is dark or when I close my eyes during the day. I think I'll use my cane when we go out in the evening after the sun is down.